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glitter_kittie's Journal

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I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.
27 December 1983
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Dismantle me.
Too young to sleep. Too cynical to speak.

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sometimes i sleep with the light on

♥ I am Chloe. I sometimes wish i was a boy/fighter pilot/fictional character/pirate/werewolf.
I am in a perpetual state of wanting, needing, craving, constant dissatisfaction and aqquiring of more of everything.
Here there be Harry Potter, boylove, inadvertant homoeroticism trainspotting, movie geekage and random spouting of everyday mundanities spun into a way that makes them seem sometimes poetic. ♥

I like Japanese House shoes. Tarantino Dialogue. Withnail & I Relationships. Organic White Chocolate. Cold toast. Backcombed hair. Dinner Jackets and Hoodies. Geek Chic. Dancing like a two year old. Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup Smoothies. Interesting noses. Being British. Gary Oldman. Werewolves. ♥

I dislike When people say 'percific' instead of 'specific'. Sundays. Public Transport. Being too poor to qualify as Eccentric. The 90s. Screwtop toothpaste. When a song is played over a scene in a movie simply because its lyrics relate blatently to what is happening. Playing board games. ♥

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